VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology

Hair & Beauty - ANZ Training
Qualification Information:

VTCT Product Code AB30130
Qualification Number 500/8966/3
Level 3
GLH 414
Units 8 - 11
Minimum Credits 51
Age Restriction 16+
Registration End Date 31/07/2017


The VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology (QCF) is a substantial vocational qualification that will prepare you for a career as a nail technician. This qualification is designed for learners aged 16 years or over and will support you to gain employment as a nail technician, as the units contained in this qualification cover all the skills and knowledge required for this role. Entry onto this qualification can be via previous attainment of a Level 2 qualification in beauty therapy and/or a successful skills test and interview. You will also have the opportunity to further develop your understanding and skills by selecting a number of optional specialist units which include: designing and applying nail art, air brush designs, enhancing nails with electric files, promoting products and displaying stock to promote sales. Throughout this qualification you will develop your knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology, health and safety, client care and nail products and equipment.

Qualification Structure:

Unit Code Unit Ref. Unit Title Level Credits GLH
UV20470 T/601/4569 Provide manicure treatments 2 5 48
UV20471 R/601/4448 Provide pedicure treatments 2 5 48
UV30405 A/601/4444 Apply and maintain nail enhancements 3 15 111
UV30468 T/601/4457 Client care and communication in beauty-related industries 3 3 28
UV30491 R/600/8780 Monitor and maintain health and safety practice in the salon   4 29
UV30493 D/600/8779 Maintaining personal health and wellbeing 3 7 60

Optional - from this group you'll need to cover a minimum of 2 units and earn a minimum of 12 credits.

Unit Code Unit Ref. Unit Title Level Credits GLH
UV20490 J/600/8761 Display stock to promote sales in a salon 2 3 24
UV20492 T/600/8769 Promote products and services to clients in a salon 2 3 28
UV30407 L/601/3931 Airbrush designs for nails 3 4 22
UV30429 T/601/5334 Enhance nails using electric files 3 3 29
UV30476 K/601/4794 Design and apply nail art 3 5 39